Thursday, 31 January 2008

Watch Out for Meringues during 'Dijous Gras'

Just before entering the supermarket I heard an egg pass me by. I was lucky not to be hit. The ban on egg throwing, which the police almost managed to reinforce in the afternoon, seems to have been forgotten since the sun set. I should have been more careful. This is the violent side to dijous gras (fat Thursday).

In the afternoon, Vilanova’s children had their merengada at Plaça del Mercat. Most of them had started early and were covered with a layer of soft meringue already when they arrived. And here they got more of the sticky white stuff, dumped on them in small parachutes from a hot-air balloon.

Tranquil adults will finish off the eggs by eating truita (omelette) and meringues – similar to what other cultures do on mardi gras. But for those who want more action, there is a merengada for grown-ups starting at midnight. It is probably stupid, but I plan to sneak out and have a look.

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