Friday, 11 January 2008

Why We Will Visit Cosmo Caixa Again

Foucault’s pendulum, proving the rotation of planet Earth, was only the intriguing opening. Our four-year-old who had already visited Cosmo Caixa with school had told us how great Barcelona's museum of science was, but as typical parents we remained sceptic until we actually got here.

Visitors are invited to make experiments related to basic concepts like gravity and energy, but also look into the development of mankind. We originally came for the Planetari Bombolla but this turned out to be one of many scheduled activities. That did not matter. The permanent exhibition is huge, not only for those who come with easily distracted children. With entry fees as low as € 3, we plan to come back many times. Children are a wonderful excuse when you realise all the gaps you have in your own knowledge.

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