Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Back to Reality

Before the carnival started I had an idea about taking one picture a day of our children – every day in a new fancy dress. Now, I see my plans crash with reality.

In all honesty, our oldest son is thrilled with the carnival. This morning he happily put on a black cloak which his mother had made for the occasion.

But our youngest one seems untouched by the carnivalista spirit. Today, the children of his kindergarten were supposed to come in full fancy-dresses of their (parents’) own choice. Pirates, I thought, Children love to be a pirates.

Not our two-year-old. I am sure that he would have wanted the sword, but I did not even show it to him. And he did not accept any piece of the clothes when I tried to dress him up. His teachers managed to put on pirate trousers and a jacket - but not the headscarf and certainly not any make-up.

Tomorrow will bring yet another challenge!

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