Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Girona is Not Barcelona

We appreciate Ryanair for their low prices and extraordinary geographic coverage. However, for a single parent, their low service level must be a challenge. Before taking off from Girona (Gerona), I had to queue for 45 minutes to pay for an extra piece of luggage and was happy to have my wife taking care of our children.

Seasoned Ryanair travellers complete the whole purchase process over the Internet and avoid having to pay any fees at all at the airport. Unfortunately, Internet check-in is not allowed if you travel with a child below two years of age, but with a €3 fee you can still obtain priority boarding and thus make sure to have your family seated together.

Ryanair's flights usually arrive here late in the evening so it is advisable to plan further connections in advance. Whatever the advertising says, Girona is not Barcelona.

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