Sunday, 27 January 2008

A Snack for the Poor

Every year, el Cim - our oldest son’s school - celebrates a Setmana de la Diversitat (Week of Diversity) when the pupils focus on issues related to inequality among the people of the world. This year, they talked about the scarcity of water so, among other things, the children collected money by symbolically throwing coins into a well.

Last Friday, Intermon Oxfam was invited to sell their fair-trade products in the school yard. Being Swedish, I could not help myself from smiling when seeing that the food which was being sold was white bread and chocolate bars.

I could have made a statement and suggested other snacks, more in line with the topic of the week and much better for the teeth. Instead, I let our son have the same treat as his classmates. Some would say that I have become indifferent. I would rather call it integration.

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Julia said...

Som du sa, bra sätt att följa upp skolaktiviteterna :) !