Thursday, 31 January 2008

Step by Step

Our youngest son must like traditional Catalan clothes. For the first time this carnival, he did not protest when I dressed him up as a little comparser. Embroidered shawls for the girls and characteristic red barretines for the boys. Just like what loads of children and grown-ups will wear coming Sunday, when Vilanova’s Guerra de Caramels takes place.

Today at our oldest son’s school, an old tie of mine was totally ruined. He must have stained it on purpose. It is beyond rescue, even with the dry cleaner’s strongest chemicals.

In the meantime, the carnival atmosphere is building up. The Rambla still looks plain, but the alleys in the pedestrian area around C/ Caputxins all are full of decorations. Tomorrow, dijous gras, is when the carnival takes off here in Vilanova.


Monica said...

Men oj så mycket roliga fiestas ni har! Jag älskar sånt, men här inne i stan är det ju lite si och så med det där ritktigt tradtitionella..

Erik Wirdheim said...

I ärlighetens namn är Vilanovas karneval den typen av fest som blir riktigt rolig först som när man är engagerad i den - den är inte lika "showig" som den i Sitges.

Men vi värmer upp i år för att satsa hårdare nästa gång...