Tuesday, 22 January 2008

On Playgrounds in Vilanova

In the newspaper, I saw that the residents of barri de Mar have made a demand to our mayor for more money to be invested in their neighbourhood. I do not claim that there is not any need for further improvements where they live, but consider that valid for most parts of the town. In fact, at least in one aspect, barri de Mar scores higher than the rest – they have the best children’s playgrounds.

Since our oldest son started to take gymnastics classes, we visit the north of the town every week and more than once have complained loudly about the lack of a decent area for a break around there. Not so any longer. The remodelling of Plaça de les Casernes has not only given us a nice place for a snack, but also a new favourite playground. I just hope that our children will not demand that we go there on weekends. The coast is more beautiful, after all.


DeepBlueSea said...

Hi Erik!

Thanks for asking how I was... very considerate of you!

I haven't been very inspired lately, as far as blogging. My mind has been on other things, and work has been slower since Christmas and I haven't spent that much time at the computer.

Your blog is interesting as ever. I like the insights into life in a small town in Catalonia. And the expat experiences, as i have also moved around quite a bit.

All the best,

Erik Wirdheim said...


Great to hear from you again!

Thanks for your encouraging comments.

I just hope that my English will be as natural as yours one day!


DeepBlueSea said...

English is my first language - so it SHOULD be very good!
Though there were times, after 8 years in Sweden, I noticed it was getting a bit rusty. Now after 8 years in Australia (I'm from Canada originally) my English is back on track.
I keep my Swedish fluent by using it at home with my Swedish wife, as well as in emails with all my Swedish work contacts.

También hablo español - bueno, un poco. He estado en España algunas veces, sobre todo Barcelona. Y cuando habla ((subjuntivo?)) español perfectamente, voy a empezar con el catalán.

Erik Wirdheim said...

Now you surprised me. Until now I have taken you for another expat Swede - that certainly says a bit about your level of Swedish.

And you certainly got me with the question about the subjunctive in Spanish. I honestly would need to consult a grammar to find out. In such a straight forward sentence, I would personally use future tense (hablaré), but I still have many things to improve.

Let us see if Monika can sort this out for us - she is the biggest linguist among the Barcelona Swedes.


Monica said...

I also thought bluesea was an expat swedish! In the case expressed, I would consider the CUANDO as a still unrealised event (or hypothetical? No, I'm sure deepbluesea is close to spanish perfection!) so I would use subjunctive. I have searched for a very easy overview for you (It must be a lot easier studying languages nowadays, even though I feel like I remember the page from any of may oldfashioned textbooks!)

(jag har gjort radbrytningar för att länken skulle rymmas...)

Erik Wirdheim said...

Tack Monica,

Visste väl att du skulle ha svar åt oss!


Anonymous said...

muchas gracias mónica!

voy a leer el enlace.

/martín /dbs

DeepBlueSea said...

chin-fest, or chinfest, now there's a word I have never used. I wasn't even sure of the meaning but I suspected it was something like a gabfest, and a little googling proved me right.
I suppose it comes from the image of chins moving quickly, while people talk.

Any other questions? ;o)


DeepBlueSea said...

Aha, now I see.

I checked out the link monica sent and I found this:

7. Proposiciones temporales. (cuando, en cuanto, mientras....)
example Cuando tenga tiempo voy a ir al gimnasio.
explanation: El uso del Subjuntivo expresa una anticipación.

To be honest when I wrote the sentence my thinking was that there was an element of doubt that I might not ever speak Spanish. That was why I thought subjunctive might be required. So not so much 'anticipation' as 'uncertainty'.

Anyway I was right - for once. And that's the main thing, right? ;o)

Erik Wirdheim said...

To always be right, that is the main thing. Or... ;-)

Monika är en klippa, skulle jag säga på svenska.