Saturday, 2 February 2008

Shawls Out

Vilanovins love their carnival and half-jokingly, half-seriously challenge that of our neighbour town. Vilanova’s carnival pin 2008 shows a motif from Sitges with a cross over it. Posters all around our centre claim that the few Gauls (remember Asterix) of Vilanova are holding out and stay true to Catalan carnival traditions while the Sitges version has been brazilianised.

To escape the carnival you have to flee town. El Turuta, a military march turned carnival tune has been played on the municipal loadspeaker system over and over, throughout the day today.

The downside of the Carnival of Vilanova is that it is not much of a show – you almost have to participate to fully enjoy it. The upside is that you are easily absorbed in the atmosphere - having children serves as a wonderful excuse.

In our family, we might be foreigners – new Catalans – but are proud anyhow. Tomorrow morning there will be an embroidered shawl hanging from our balcony as well.

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