Monday, 28 January 2008

The Carnival of Vilanova is Here

Carnival count down started last week for the small children. At our younger one’s kindergarten, last Wednesday, the children were to wear non-matching socks, last Thursday, a red painted nose and last Friday, a bow tie. Today, Monday, both I and the kindergarten teachers did our best to make our two-year-old wear all the things at the same time, but he can be quite stubborn. Well, he wore the socks in the end - it could have been worse.

For the four-year-old, the carnival started today with the theme 'necklaces'. Only yesterday evening did we realise how few big necklaces my wife was prepared to lend him for a day of rough play at school. Rapidly we made some by ourselves with coloured penne.

Carnival time comes with a lot of fun but, at least for parents, it means a bit of extra work as well.

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