Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Two Years, Four Words

I am not too fond of our youngest son’s tantrums. He explodes with anger every time a big Duplo figure can not come through the door of a minimal car or whenever a cardboard box does not understand that it is a hat and supposed to stay on top of his head.

As if to help my patience, his language is developing fast. Yesterday, I observed him looking in a picture book and I was amazed with the number of objects he already manages to name.

Recently he made his first four-word sentence in Swedish. “Stäng ‘dörra’, säger gubben” ("Close the door, says the old man"). Without its context it might seem odd, but anyone who remembers this story about the Bullerby children can confirm that that is what happens.

Today is our little darling's second birthday. Terrible twos. It is not as bad as they say.


Monica said...

GRATTIS HERMAN! Nej, Nils har ju varit 2 i snart 4 mânader, och det är alls inte sâ terrible, bara nâgon gâng ibland! (själv är man ju inte heller samma under av underbarhet alla dagar :-)

Erik Wirdheim said...

Tack Monika.

Va? Kan du ha dåliga dagar? ;-)