Sunday, 20 January 2008

A Big Hand

In Wikipedia until now, Catalan has been found under the headline of languages which have 10.000 entries or more. Tonight, when I needed to check up on a detail, I could not find it. I am not very technical, so for a second I thought that the server was down. Then I realised what probably had happened and was almost nervous to raise my eyes, albeit as little as two centimetres. And there it was.

Thanks to alphabetical order, Catalan is now first in line of an exclusive club of languages which have more than 100.000 entries.

My thanks go to everyone who has contributed to this. Do not be discouraged by the fact that Volapük – a constructed language – is there as well. In my eyes, what you are doing is much more important for the status of Catalan in the world than anything I have seen from the Generalitat or other authorities.


Tonet said...

Am I stuck to your accounts!
Just a remark: if Viqui (Catalan Wiki) could make it to 100,000 articles as quickly as it did is partially thanks to a GenCat action:

Ha det så bra!

Erik Wirdheim said...


You are of course right. But let us not reduce the value of what these people have achieved!