Monday, 7 January 2008

Swedish – Catalan: Another 4 – 0

I negotiated with the four-year-old today. He was allowed to skip his gymnastics class today if he promised not to complain about going back to school. Fully aware that Swedish is his strongest language, he is a bit nervous about having to speak Catalan.

The two-year-old probably will be sad when I leave him at daycare tomorrow, but that will not be for language reasons. His teachers claim that he is one of the children who talk the most. Only two months ago did we consider his language development to be notably slower than that of his brother. Then he started to spurt, interestingly enough in both languages at the same time. However, I bet that he does not yet make up three-word sentences in Catalan and since he does so in Swedish the result is clear. Swedish – Catalan: 4 -0. Again.

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