Thursday, 3 January 2008

Foggy Memories of a Day in Lleida

Lleida is infamous for fog but it felt like a joke to suddenly enter into a foggy and frosty landscape right at the road sign which announced that we had arrived.

We would have loved to take a long break on the hill of la Seu Vella, with the magnificent view in front and the forcedly abandoned cathedral behind us. The cloister building, restored from having been turned into stables, gained in charm from being free from other tourists, but the rest of Lleida did not.

Like Lonely Planet had warned us, restaurants are scarce in the city centre. If we take our children here again it will have to be on a sunny day. It was -1ºC when we left Lleida and +8ºC when we arrived in Vilanova later in the evening. Having grown up on the Swedish west coast, we have had enough of cold rain.

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