Saturday, 19 July 2008

ENG: FIMPT - a Popular Festival in Vilanova

This weekend, the 28th version of FIMPT - Festival Internacional de Música Popular Tradicional - takes place here in Vilanova, so except for our nice beaches there is yet another reason to come here for a visit.

My own taste of music is sadly underdeveloped, but I guess that I am not too wrong if I call this a World Music Festival (Mali, Trinidad, the Balkans, Ireland and Catalunya) although I, at the same time, must admit not to have heard of anyone of the artists before.

Tomorrow, Saturday, there will be concerts on selected squares of the town from 11 a.m. until after midnight while on Sunday the program starts at 19.30 and continues into the night. Folllow this link for the full program.

WARNING: In case you are allergic to Swedish, please, do not click on the YouTube screen.

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