Thursday, 31 July 2008

ENG: Restaurants in Vilanova - Da Gianni

When we were still new in Vilanova, we found the Trattoria Da Gianni (address: Carrer de fruita 10; phone: 93 814 44 16) thanks to their advertising on one of my favourite radio channels. Possibly our expectations were too high and possibly the service was not as poor as we have thought about it since, but for many years we did not return.

That is until now. Da Gianni’s new outdoor terrace looked so inviting that we could not resist it. Expats with permanent residency in the comarca Garraf might feel a bit uneasy when I tell you that it is located in Plaça del Cotxes – where most of us have spent at least half a night in order to get an appointment with the Extranjería department – but you need not worry. The police have finally moved away to modern offices and while you eat you will be able to observe the beautiful square if not in a new light, so at least with a different perspective.

During our latest visit the service was surprisingly good and we were highly content with the quality of the dishes. Da Gianni offers pizzas, pastas as well as meat and fish at standard Vilanova prices. My only negative remark would be that with four people at the table it was totally crammed with plates and glasses, but that is a detail and I am confident that we will prefer to sit outside next time as well.

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