Wednesday, 30 July 2008

ENG: Passed the Test for Level B of Catalan

Since May 3, when I took the Generalitat’s level B (intermediate) test of Catalan have I waited for the results and yesterday, more or less exactly on the date when it had been promised, did I receive the letter from the Secretaria de Política Lingüística. 'Remarkable' (notable, in Catalan) was the grade I had obtained. Quite unexpected, indeed!

The letter from yesterday clearly states that it is not an official certificate, so now the next milestone is October 15, when I will be able to go and collect my diploma.

And after that it will soon be time to sign up for the level C (sufficiency) test for 2009. If the schedule is the same as this year, all applicants will have to register and make the payments in February although the actual tests take place only in May.

Winter, spring, summer and autumn – the cycle of the year. Can the pace of the Generalitat’s exam calendar have been set by a religious mystic?

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