Friday, 11 July 2008

ENG: Documenting my Language Level

Today I have a reason to come back to the Penedesfera meeting which was held in Gelida, June 13-14, since the recordings of the round table discussions have been up-loaded. The one I took part in had the name “the Penedes blogging culture” and, by chance, was I first out of all presenters.

The old management phrase ‘Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance’ comes to my mind when I see how I struggle with the computer and my only defence is that we all did. And, at the end of the day, this was my first presentation ever in Catalan, so I guess that I did not do too badly.

For all my pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar mistakes, the file serves as a document of the language level which I have reached after 2,5 years’ daily exposure to Catalan followed by 1 year of active studies. It would have been interesting to compare it with my other languages. What a pity I do not have videos of those.

( does not allow for direct hyperlinks, so in case you would want to watch the video, look for it under ‘Videos de la Penedesfera’ and download the file related to ‘Cultura blocaire al Penedès’. Alternatively, click the vimeo link of the entry in Catalan.)

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California CAT said...

Congratulations on your presentation in Catalan.
Don't worry, I have yet to see a presentation where there are no computer problems, and I work with computer programmers!!

Erik Wirdheim said...

Thanks for your nice words, California Cat!