Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The Penedès Blogger Community / Penedesfera

Earlier this year, Daniel García Peris took the initiative to create the Penedesfera. What started as a list of blogs made by people who have some kind of connection to the Penedès region, in now meant to develop into a blogger community.

As such, the Penedefera could serve as a civil counterpart to the political initiative to group the sub-regions Garraf, Alt Penedès, Baix Penedès and, partly, Anoia into an administrative entity – a so called vegueria (in itself a topic I will have reasons to come back to, later on). However, being for the vegueria of the Penedès valley is not at all a pre-requisite for registering a blog in the Penedesfèra.

In a few days, the web portal of this initiative will be fully operational and today, Tuesday, Daniel García himself had personally come to Vilanova to present it. Compared to other geographically based blogger communities in Catalonia, our page will be advanced and allow for multiple ways of entry - via maps, profiles or summaries.

Out of 230 blogs listed today, about 210 are in Catalan, so publishing above all in English, I am proud to have been invited to take part in the round table discussions during the coming Penedesfera days in Gelida, June 13-14. It will be my official "coming-out" as a Catalan speaker. Yet another good reason to keep on studying.
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Quina vergonya això de la participació vilanovina a la presentació d’en Daniel García Peris de la Penedesfera avui. Vam ser només sis persones que hi érem per escoltar-lo, i un de nosaltres va ser en Carles Campuzano (CiU), un politic blocaire que ja està força vinculat amb aquest projecte. Representants del ajuntament, del mon empresarial, de l’oficina de turisme – no us interesa aquesta iniciativa? O sou tots tan moderns que preferiu seguir-ne el desenvolupament directament a l’Internet?


Monica said...

Felicitats! Què bé! Veus quines ventatges hi ha ser d'una població no tan gran com barcelona, on tots només desapareixem entre tots... Apa, a participar-hi a la vida culturla de la zona!

Erik Wirdheim said...

Sí, sí. És clar que moltes coses funicionen millor per aquí que a la capital.