Friday, 14 October 2011

Sitges Design Centre came with a high mortgage

The annual mortgage payment for Sitges Design Centre (Sitges Centre de Disseny) is € 350.000 – quite a burden for a heavily indebted municipality like Sitges (Garraf) since the space of 3.600 square meter is underused. The building was opened in 1994 as the design centre for Seat and the Volkswagen group, but was bought by a municipal body in 2006, when the car manufacturer concentrated its activities to Martorell. To pay the price of € 12 million, the town council of Sitges sold adjacent land for € 13,5 million. However, in the end only a small part of the additional income was dedicated to the mortgage payments and the rest spent elsewhere.

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Read more in Catalan: Diari de Vilanova

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