Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Black vulture discovered in Alt Penedès

A Eurasian black vulture (Aegypius monachus) has been discovered in Torelles de Foix (Alt Penedès). The bird was malnourished and has been taken to a wildlife recuperation centre (Centre de Recuperació de Fauna Salvatge de Torreferrussa). If the recuperation goes well it will be released in the Pyrenees of Lleida, but it is believed that it has flown here from Central Spain, since it was not ringmarked.

Eurasian black vultures are highly sensitive to human presence and disappeared from Catalonia more than one hundred years ago. The 15 exemplars now líving in the Pyrenees of Lleida were reintroduced there in 2007. The some 2.000 couples living in the whole of Spain represent 80% of the total European population of this species, which is classified as vulnerable.

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