Friday, 21 October 2011

Remodeling of Sitges’ museums will exceed budget

The remodeling of the Maricel, Can Rocamora and Cau Ferrat museums of Sitges (Garraf) -  approved by the earlier local PSC government - met with severe protests from many inhabitants of the town. For that reason, the works were partially halted by the CiU lead coalition which took over in May this year.

The current status was recently analysed by the two entities standing behind the project – the municipality of Sitges and Diputació de Barcelona - with the outcome that already before the halt, the costs will exceed the original € 6 million budget with another million. However, the company carrying out the works is claiming for more.

The initial deadline for the remodeling was June 2012 but people involved send the signal that it might take until the end of next year before it is completed.

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