Tuesday, 25 October 2011

'Jove de Sitges' become 'colla de 8' and 'Verds' crown '5de9'

The most traditional day of human towers this weekend was Santa Úrsula in Valls, but the one organized in Sitges, on October 22, was not far behind in terms of spectacular constructions.

One day before Vella completed it, Castellers de Vilafranca became the first team in Catalonia to crown 5de9f this year and that was their 18th castell of the most advanced level (gamma extra) this season – a new record in the history of human towers. The same team completed a 3de9f where the base (pinya) was made up of what will be the second support level (folre) and the folre in turn made up of what will be the third support level (manilles) when, in Vilafranca del Penedès on Tots Sants, Verds will make yet another attempt to build 3de10fm. During the same event, what was a 2de8f in Sitges is meant to be converted into 2de9f (i.e. without manilles). On top of this they completed a Pde7f.

The second best team in the square Cap de la Vila were the guests from Barcelona, Castellers de Sants (Borinots), who completed 4de8, 3de8 and 5de8.

However, the strongest emotions of the day were provoked by the local team, Colla Jove de Castellers de Sitges, who made their 2nd best exhibition ever. Their top construction this day was a 4de8, but they also completed 7de7 and 3de7s. It is worth pointing out that 2011 has been Jove’s best season in the 18 years since the team was founded and that this year they have not seen one single human tower collapse.

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