Friday, 7 October 2011

8th edition of the human towers 'Concurs-7' in Torredembarra

October 2 saw the 8th edition of Concurs de Castells Vila de Torredembarra. Unofficially this human tower challenge is called Concurset, which is a pun in Catalan since it means the “little competition” – in contrast to the big one, Concurs de Castells of Tarragona – and, when written Concurs-7, at the same time reveals that the participating teams belong to the group which makes constructions of seven levels (colles de set).

While many castellers prefer to call their performances exhibitions, this event is a formal competition and the winners 2011 were Castellers d’Esplugues, above all thanks to a 2d7, crowned (but not dismantled - carregat) on the second attempt. Except for this, their most advanced towers were Pd4cam, 5d7, 3d7xs and Pd5. The second place was taken by the local team and organisers, Nois de la Torre (Pd4cam, 4d7a, 5d7, 7d7 and Pd5) and the third position by Castellers de Poble Sec (Barcelona) (Pd4cam, 5d7, 7d7, 4d7a and Pd5).

The Concurs-7 is celebrated all odd years - and thus does not coincide with the Concurs de Castells, taking place during even ones - and it is open to teams which did not qualify to the last edition of the other event. This time 13 teams took part.

Penedès was represented by two teams: Minyons de l’Arboç took the 5th position (P4cam, 4d7a, 5d7, 3d7a and Pd5) – in 2009 they shared the 1st place with Castellers de Badalona - and Colla Jove Xiquets de Vilafrancathe “newcomers” - ended up as number 12 (P4cam, 3d7, 4d7c, 2d6 and Pd5).

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Find here a recording of the event, made by Tac12 TV.

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