Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Human tower builders 'Moixiganguers d’Igualada' are 'Colla de 8'

On October 23, in plaça Pius XII of Igualada, Moixiganguers d’Igualada did their best exhibition ever in human towers. It could have ended totally differently, because they had a difficult start with two constructions which were dismantled before being crowned (intents desmuntats). However, the team could control the nerves and after having completed 5de7 they achieved the big objective of the day, to build and dismantle 4de8 - something they had only done once before (during last year’s festa major of Igualada). In the third round they added another 3de7s to the six they had already completed earlier this year.

On the same occasion one guest team, Castellers de Lleida, crowned 4de8 plus completed 2de7 and 5de7 while the other one, Sagals d’Osona, completed 5de7, 2de7 and 3de7.

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Read more in Catalan: Anoia Diari and Web Casteller

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