Friday, 14 October 2011

Masquefa scarred political violence

The little town of Masquefa (Anoia) has attracted a lot of attention in Catalan media this week. It all started on October 12el día de la Hispanidad -, when García Mora, a town councilor from the local party Força Masquefa, put up a Spanish flag on the local town hall (ajuntament) and then sat waiting in his van to see what would happen. When the flag was removed by a Catalan independentista, García Mora started the engine and hit him with the car and at the same time hurt another person. García Mora stands accused for attempted murder but has been released from custody without bail. One of his victims is still hospitalized.

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Read more in Spanish (LaVanguardia 1, 2) and Catalan (Anoia Diari)

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