Saturday, 12 December 2009

Which Voter Turnout do the Catalans Expect?

Tomorrow, December 13, a non-official referendum on independence will be organized in over 160 Catalan municipalities (municipis). At least for a Swede that number sounds high, but many of these are extremely small. Smallest of them all is Sant Jaume de Frontanyà with as little as 21 names on its electoral roll. In order not disappear in the multitude tomorrow, this village has chosen to vote today and, as planned, has received a lot of attention in the Catalan media, now also in LaVanguardia - written in Spanish - which so far has kept a low profile in reporting on this popular movement.

When this gets published, 14 of the villagers have voted, which means that they have clearly passed the voter turnout target of 40%, today presented by the group coordinating the referenda (13-D Coordinadora per la Consulta sobre la Independencia).

Since the 'no' side is not campaigning but has the strategy to reduce the legitimacy of the referendum by not participating, personally, I think that the target is too high. Here in socialist (PSC) dominated Vilanova i la Geltrú, we probably have to be happy if 20% of the 54.300 voters chose to participate. At least so far, I am of the opinion that the vast majority of the city's inhabitants cannot describe their relationship with Spain in the reciprocally excluding terms of yes and no and therefore will prefer to stay home rather than taking the hassle to vote blank. But I could be wrong. Tomorrow we will know the answer.

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