Thursday, 14 April 2011

Much Shorter to Get Me to Going Again

I have to renew my way of blogging. The long entries which I wrote in the beginning of the year was had the objective to prove to myself that I could write columns. But step by step I raised my own expectations on myself and suddenly I did not have enough time any longer.

Now I will simplify. Geographically, I will again focus on Vilanova i la Geltrú and it connections with Penedès and Barcelona. The style will bre micro-blogging, and I imagine two kinds of texts: comments of 70 and articles of 140 words, not always with photographs. And, unfortunately, I will have to cut back on my linguistic ambitions: English will continue to be the main language (even if it is not my mother tongue), many texts will have a version in Swedish while texts in Catalan and Spanish will be less frequent.

Let us see where this change will take us…

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