Sunday, 24 April 2011

My First Camp Nou Experience: Barça - Osasuna

Yesterday, FC Barcelona won over Osasuna with 2 - 0 and for the first time I watched the match at Camp Nou. I was fascinated by how well you can follow the game despite the size of the stadium and enjoyed following the spontaneous comments and cires from those club members who have permanent seats. At the same time I was disappointed that we in the audience did not help our team more - apparently culers are known not to sing very much.

As for the football, I agree with those critics who have called this Barça’s worst liga match of the year. Goalkeeper Victor Valdés was the only player who made me impressed and unfortunately he had to be a lot more active than his Osasuna counterpart. True, the speed increased when Iniesta, Messi and Xavi came onto the field, but it did not result in many goals. And on Wednesday there is yet another match against Real Madrid in top form. Yes, I’am nervous!

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