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La Mostra - Catalonia's biggest children's theater festival

la mostra igualada april 2010 teatre cercle mercantil

The most comprehensive children's and youth theatre festival of Catalonia is called La Mostra (fira de teatre infantile i juvenil) and takes place in Igualada on an annual basis. During the days April 14-18 it was held for the 21st time, and some sixty theatre companies offered in total 140 performances.

The children and I went up there one day and saw Alice in Wonderland (Alícia al país de les meravelles as a musical show - as opposed to the film which has just been released) by the group la Trepa. It was set up in the in the beautiful Teatre Cercle Mercantil and intended for six-year-olds or older, since it lasted for more than an hour. However, our little one of four years did not have any difficulties to remain concentrated. Afterwards we took a long walk (long live kick bikes!) through the town to also discover some of the games and other activities which are also offered during these days.

la mostra igualada april 2010 ecoxoc

la mostra igualada april 2010 mocadors

I hope that more and more foreigners living in Catalonia will give their children the chance to discover this festival. Igualada has a charming historic town centre but also an exciting, half devastated old factory district, Barri del Rec, telling the story of the importance which the textile and leather industries used to have here.

To go to Igualada from the center of Barcelona takes one hour by car, on the motorway A2. Alternatively, you can take the train (FGC, line R6) from Plaça d'Espanya.

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Members of the co-operative Abacus or Super-3 receive discounts on the tickets to la Mostra, so do not forget membership cards at home.

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Here you have my post about our visit to la Mostra 2009.

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