Sunday, 5 April 2009

La Mostra – Catalonia’s Most Important Children’s Theatre Festival

Today we took the car up to Igualada and the last day of the 20th edition of La Mostra – Fira de teatre infantil i juvenil. This theatre festival for children is organized here on an annual basis and with 51 participating companies and activities over five days, it is the most important of its kind in the Catalan speaking part of the world.

Proper shows – some for free and some which you have to pay entry for – are mixed with street performances and activity areas in different parts of the centre but since the town is dense and has a lot of pedestrian areas, we and our small children (3 and 5 years old, respectively) did not have any dificulties to move from one place to another.

We discovered La Mostra thanks to advertising on Catalan public radio and think it is a pity that the festival does not attract more visitors (some 12.000 in total, I understand). Next year we will be better prepared and sell in this event at least in the Swedish ex-pat community of Barcelona. It is easy to feel invited since the organisers – la Generalitat de Catalunya and l’Ajuntament d’Igualada with the help of la Xarxa, les Rialles and Teatre Tots Públics – do a good job in describing all parts of the festival program and provide maps on the official web-page as well as in a downloadable pdf-file.

Igualada in itself has left a very pleasant impression on us (admittedly supported by the nice weather). Some day soon we will come back to this Gran Penedès town, stroll around among the old buildings with their picturesque arches and explore the industrial museums.

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CAT: El Diari de Vilanova és una molt bona eina per als nous catalans que volen aprendre i entendre els esdeveniments culturals i històrics del Garraf però – siguem honestos – fa més o menys res per crear una identitat comuna amb les altres comarques que molts vilanovins volen veure com parts de la futura vegueria del Penedès.

No es mereix una cosa tan única al nivell nacional com ara la Mostra una noticia al nostre diari local? Quina sort que l’Extra – un diari gratuït – ha decidit fomentar una perspectiva alternativa.

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