Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Catalan and Spanish Press on the Carnival Condoms

Two weeks ago, Puck Import launched especially designed sample envelopes to celebrate the carnival of Vilanova i la Geltrú with Swedish RFSU condoms. That they would be well received and result in laughs among the town's inhabitants was expected, but we have been very pleasantly surprised to also appear in the press.

Diari de Vilanova condons comparsers RFSU

First ous was Diari de Vilanova, written in Catalan and covering the comarca (approximately a county) called Garraf. The newspaper gave a detailed presentation of our activities as an RFSU distributor and praised us for finding original solutions in times of crisis.

LaVanguardia sobre RFSU Erik Wirdheim 100215-1

Then LaVanguardia - the newspaper of reference in Catalonia but at the same time, since it is written in Spanish, the fourth biggest daily in Spain – picked up the theme. In an article about everything which went on in Garraf (the comarca comprises not only Vilanova, but also Sitges - internationally more well-known and equally carnival crazy) during this festivity, the paper reminded its readers that the carnival king (in Spanish Su majestad Carnestoltes) always encourages his subjects to indulge in the flesh, but recommends that people take protective measures with, for example, our condoms.

So far, Puck Import has handed out some 450 free samples – above all during the carnival parade l’Arrivo - but we still have quite a few left for customers who visit us in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

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A similar post in Catalan, Spanish and Swedish.

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