Thursday, 15 July 2010

Human Towers Reaching the Town Hall Balcony of Barberà del Vallès

July 4 did we, Bordegassos de Vilanova, take part in the Festa Major celebrations of Barberà del Vallès. Since the performance was to start at 19:00 on a Sunday evening and relatively far from home, a bit too many team members had decided not to join. To make things worse, the performance was delayed for another hour, because of rain.

Bearing this in mind, we have all reason to be content with our results: 4de7, 3de7, torre de 6 and pilar de 5.

The Saballuts – Castellers de Sabadell – have built human towers of 8 levels this year. On this day some key members were missing, so they opted for torre de 7, 3 de 7 erected from below (aixecat per sota, in Catalan), 5de7 and pilar de 5.

Nois de la Torre from Torredembarra were the third team and managed to build 3de6 amb l'agulla, 4de6 amb l’agulla, torre de 6 and pilar de 5.

This was a performance with very little boring waiting time between the different constructions and, as the speaker rightly pointed out, all castells were assembled and disassembled on the first attempt. The speaker function, by the way, is something I would want to see introduced also in Penedès and Camp de Tarragona. It makes this art so much more inviting for those who have not yet had much contact with it.

The performance ended with a funny detail which I had so far only heard about but never seen in real life. The three teams simultaneously erected pillars of 4 levels right in front of the town hall so that the top people, with more or less assistance from other members, could climb up on the town hall balcony.

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