Thursday, 25 March 2010

Too few vintage cars and too much reality

My original idea almost honours me: last Sunday, we would invite Swedish friends to a picnic on the beach in Sitges – one of these social activities which my wife loves. Then we would look at the vintage cars in the so-called "rally" Barcelona-Sitges – one of these things which really thrill our two little sons. And I would just happen film a bit and take some action photos without having to leave the family.

ral·li barcelona sitges 2010 006

Then the idea was confronted with reality: None of our friends could come. My wife's picnic pies were delicious and we could choose a place of shelter for the picnic, but except for six small sailing boats in the distance, we had nothing to sit and watch. The town was full of people, but despite that, there was only one family, except for ours, which had decided to eat on the beach. Then, when it was time to see the rally, things went beyond control. We waited and waited and I guess that the clock must have been over three, but the cars did not turn up. The children got bored and a few minutes later my wife did not support the strong wind any longer, and showed me her fingers, actually blue from the cold (do not ask me how it happened). By the time I suggested that we could all try to "bite the bullet" for a while, the atmosphere was all gone and I accepted to take the family to the car, since only I knew where I had put it.

Now, I had parked quite far away from the centre so when we were finally back again, all the vintage cars had already reached their goal and were lined up at Fragata. As a nice gesture, my wife let me take the children for a short photo session, while she stayed in the car to get warm again. That was enough to make the boys satisfied – this “rally” easily beats most car museums - but I, myself, felt deprived of this day as I had pictured it. The Mediterranean and March are usually a safe bet, but not so this year.

ral·li barcelona sitges 2010 012ral·li barcelona sitges 2010 017 ral·li barcelona sitges 2010 018 ral·li barcelona sitges 2010 019 ral·li barcelona sitges 2010 005

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In Diari de Vilanova I read that this year, the Ral • li Internacional de Cotxes d'Època Barcelona-Sitges was organized for the 52nd time, and that one participant, Marcel Maluquer, has taken part in all editions. This time, 74 vehicles took part, all manufactured before the 1929.

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Here is my blog post about the rally 2008.

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