Monday, 22 March 2010

An attempt to do some proper blogging

My motivation to blog has often failed me recently and I therefore have reconsider what I am doing. Seen over the time, I am highly pleased with how this blog, on the one hand, drives me to learn new things and, on the other, serves as an extensive introduction into who I am for those who do not know me. Perhaps that is why I have felt bored in the last few weeks: going by routine, I have come to write too much about things to which I actually do not feel that close.

I have also come to a dead end in not wanting to write about everyday events precisely because they are small. The series Wirdheim in Vilanova was an attempt to solve this by adding such observations to comments on politics, but rapidly evolved into texts where I demanded too much of myself. Although it goes against my sadly pretentious nature, I must shorten down my posts.

Looking forward, I will have to let my blog become
more heterogeneous and not try to tie the posts together. As a consequence, those who only look at a few texts will most likely be confused, but it is my hope that regular readers will find ways to sort out the entries of their liking.

Geographically, due to self-criticism, I have so far chosen a narrow focus - my home town Vilanova i la Geltrú and the rest of the Penedès area. It is high time to dare to broaden the perspective. Let us be honest: If we exclude wine and cava, the world’s needs of Penedès-information is limited. At the same time, there is a considerable interest in Catalonia. It is my lack of knowledge about Barcelona which, so far, has made me avoid the totality, but now I will give it a try. I do, after all, write about the Catalan culture, the Catalan society and its role in Spain in order to learn and not because I already know something! And still, if I do this right, I can become - Why not set the bar high? - one of the leading Swedish-speaking experts on Catalonia.

I understand the goal? Yes! Do I like the goal? Yes! So, let’s go, or endavant as they say in Catalan.

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Editor said...

Great, I enjoy your blog and wish you good luck on your new goal.