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Penedès News in English

These are some of the things which happened in Penedès, January 10-16, 2010. The presentation starts with the region as a total, followed by local items, comarca by comarca, town by town.


Before the end of January, digital TV (TDT) will fully replace the analog version throughout Penedès.

Comarca: Garraf

The glass gallery planned for the Maricel and Cau Ferrat museums of Sitges is criticised by a citizen initiative.
El Punt

A 45 year old woman in Botigues de Sitges was rescued after having been trapped in her in-house elevator for at least five days.
El Punt, LaVanguardia-Print

Sitges gets shortlisted as an excursion option for American tourists coming to Barcelona by cruise ship.
El Punt

Five islamists, including the leader who operated from Vilanova i la Geltrú, receive long prison sentences for planning terrorist activities.
El Punt, LaVanguardia,

The construction work on a new music auditory in Vilanova is delayed until February, for the winning bidder Proinosa’s links to the Pretòria corruption case.
El Punt

Comarca: Alt Penedès

The trade unions of Caixa Penedès demand a focus on maintaining work opportunities, if merger talks with Caixa Laietana are again taken up.
El Punt

The Vilafranca del Penedès government delays the voting on the 2010 budget proposal in order to win the support of the opposition.
El Punt

The mayor of Vilafranca calls on the private wine industry to more actively promote wine related tourism.
El Punt

Comarca: Baix Penedès

The Costa Daurada municipalities again join forces to promote their beaches at exhibitions.
El Punt

Strong winds have damaged the roof of the municipal sports pavilion of El Vendrell.

The beaches of Calafell will recuperate their historic look with sand dunes.
El Punt, PenedèsDigital,

In Segur de Calafell, 4.000 people have signed a protest against a new municipal zoning plan.
El Punt

Comarca: Anoia

Aragon has approved for four Anoia municipalities to receive fresh water from the river Segre.
El Punt

Due to snow chaos, pupils in three Anoia municipalities started school only this week

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This is a new attempt to give an overview in English of what is going on in Penedès - four comarques which aspire to be one vegueria. The idea behind the format is to present all items as extended headlines, with a focus on what, who and where. Readers who want more facts, like the hows and whys, will have to follow the link to the source articles. The answers to when will be the time period stated in the opening paragraph.

My objective is to list news which are of interest to expats living in anyone of the municipalities covered, but I do not pretend that local news from, for example, Vilanova, automatically are of interest to the inhabitants of the other towns of Penedès.

The main sources are AnoiaDiari·cat, Avui, Penedès Digital, El Punt, El 3 de Vuit, LaVanguardia and Vilanova Digital.

L’Extra - the only news service which treats the Penedès as a united entity –and our local newspaper Diari de Vilanova, serve as inspiration, but are not presented as sources since their digital formats either are incomplete or do not allow you to link to individual articles.

The signature EW signals that I am personally the source of information. Any opinions expressed are my own. Earlier editions can be found under the blog label Penedès News.

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