Friday, 24 April 2009

Dia de Sant Jordi 2009 - Barcelona

The pictures from la Rambla in Barcelona is my proof that I am not a narrow minded small town citizen, but someone who is prepared to try new things.

But no, there is no reason at all to leave Vilanova for Barcelona to live the atmosphere of the Day of Saint George. True, in Barcelona you have the chance to meet the most famous Catalan writers face to face and buy their books with a personal dedication, but unless that is what you want most of all, you will only get annoyed by the huge amount of people and regret that you did not stay somewhere where there are not as many tourists.

My wife works in Barcelona and planned to buy a book for me there, but when she counted to fifty people in the queues at the closest Abacus she decided to go home. Once in Vilanova she discovered that inside the book stores there were not many people at all, since most locals preferred the outdoor stands in our Rambla.

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