Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Discover Catholic Easter in Tarragona (Catalonia) – or in Cubelles!

If you have travelled to Barcelona to live a traditional Catholic Easter, then I suggest that you immediately leave the metropolitan area and drive south. Now, for the sake of change I will not recommend that you stop in Penedès – which you inevitably pass by on your way – but continue down to Tarragona. Whether you come by car or by train, a trip to there from downtown Barcelona takes less than one hour and a half and it is truly worth it, since this is where you have the biggest and most atmospheric Good Friday procession in all Catalonia.

Having said that, if you are determined to experience Easter in Penedès, then I would recommend the procession in Cubelles (Garraf) for Good Friday and then Easter songscaramelles – in the town where you happen stay (or in the neighbour town, in case you happen to be in a place where this tradition is reserved for the next weekend).

And, finally, in case you are not interested in religious festivities, rest assured that Penedès has a lot of other activities to offer, eg. running and mountain bike competitions, jazz concerts, and guided tours. An extensive weekend agenda in English can be found here.

Discover the cava and wine region Penedès!

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