Sunday, 8 February 2009

ENG: The Xató Comes from Vilanova

Today, Sunday February 8, it felt as if the whole town had decided to enjoy the sunny but far from warm weather and celebrate the fact that the pan-penedesenc sallad called xató has its origin here. Well, we have at least some historic records to fall back on in case you want to question this statement, and that is more than can be said for some of the other contestants.

And, yes, I bought a portion this year as well although - as a Swede - I am just too aware of how overfished the cod population is. Am I turning Catalan?

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Eli said...

Ummmm.. sóc fan del xató!!! M'ENCANTAAAAA!!!!

Erik Wirdheim said...

Hola Eli,

Estic totalment d'acord. I la versió vilanovina és la millor, no?


Eli said...

Aixxx... Avui que és el dia... Jo no n'he menjat, el menjarè diumenge quan vagi a casa de la mare... Però et confirmo que la versió vilanovina és la millor!

D'una nascuda a Vilanova...