Friday, 20 February 2009

ENG: The Meringue War of Vilanova

Dijous gras (litterally fat Thursday) of the Carnival week can be dangerous here in Vilanova. During the merengada (the meringue war) you enter the town centre at your own risk, however, to get sticky meringue paste on your clothes is quite harmless compared to being hit by a boiled egg. Fortunately enough, during the last years there have been few incidents.

Like most other parents with small children I decided to be brave and enter the war zone. As stupid as it might sound, I felt really smart coming close to the meringue throwing children without getting too many stains on my clothes. Sadly enough I was the only one of our family group who enjoyed the merengada. The three-year-old was so horrified that he preferred sitting in his push chair to being in my arms, but also the five-year-old was very hesitant although he met some of his best school mates with meringue covered faces.

In a few years that will change and I can already picture how my sons will run away from me and join the happy crowd. And I will just have to make sure that their clothes are well covered. That is worth mentioning, by the way: the merengada is colourful - thanks to all raincoats.

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