Sunday, 8 February 2009

ENG: The Official Carnival Poster 2009 – Vilanova

Images from a kaleidoscope – that is the motif of the official poster promoting the carnival of Vilanova i la Geltrú of 2009, made by Judith Antolín. Today, Saturday February 7, this poster was presented to the public together wih the carnival program. Possibly it had to do with the nice setting at La Sala (the local centre of contemporary art) and possibly with the selection of Pere Tàpias to be the one to invite us all to this annual festa – this year’s ceremony had a clearly professional touch to it.

Like last year, I will do my best to picture our carnival as it unfolds. The Carnaval de Vilanova is a genuinenly Catalan carnival and therefore the only one recommended by the Generalitat as a Festa Popular of national interest. The celebrations date back at least 800 years and still enjoy an unbelievably strong support from the town’s inhabitants. Having said that, while a typical Festa Major is an event where everyone is invited to party together, many carnival activities are restricted to those who have signed up with any of the many comparses.

However, the main event on carnival Sunday (February 22, this year) - when the comparses challenge each others in fierce candy wars – is truly original and very visitor and picture friendly. Visit Vilanova on this day and you will discover the spirit of the town in its finest distilled version.

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