Monday, 16 February 2009

ENG: Warming Up the Children for the Carnival

The Carnaval de Vilanova is what will dominate the social and public life of this town during the next two weeks. Yesterday when our sons tried their fancy pirate dresses for the first time, both of them were totally excited. Today, however, the little one refused to put it on. The preparations which they made in kindergarten last week - putting on odd socks one day and painting the nose red the day after - do not seem to have brought him into a carnival mood.

But this evening, when we came to the first children's carnival of 2009 at the so called envelat, both children were highly content. The five-year-old was dancing around with one of his class mates, while his younger brother spent almost an hour sitting on a chair, eating a huge magdalena. Things certainly could have been worse.

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