Thursday, 27 March 2008

Two Blogs

Since I am a Swedish native, I sometimes want to comment on articles which I find in Swedish media, but during the Spanish election campaign I learnt that they would not link back to me, since this blog is in English. Therefore, I recently started up a new blog on Catalonia in Swedish.

The profiles of the two blogs will mature over the time, but this is what I plan for, for now:

In Wirdheim in Vilanova you will find entries on:

# Tourism - Vilanova i la Geltrú, the rest of Catalonia and the regions and countries beyond
#Catalan culture
#Catalan society, Spanish society and the European Union
# Anything related to expat life which can be of interest outside the small world of Swedish speakers

In "Wirdheim i Katalonien" you will find:

# Short introductions to all entries on Wirdheim in Vilanova
# Comment on articles in Swedish media which cover the topics Catalonia, Spain or the European Union
# All pure "family and friends" entries
# "From the hip" entries (i.e. less links to sources) on society in general

Especially the last item is something which I look forward to develop since I have often felt a need to publish fast comments, but not felt comfortable to do so in a language which is not my own.

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