Sunday, 9 March 2008

Girona or Spain?

The weather is nice but Vilanova is quiet. I hope that all our neighbours are busy voting. Party preferences but also voter participation and the election system in itself will be important factors in determining who wins the biggest number of seats in the parliament (las Cortes Generales). After 20.00 the election results will start to be reported and some ours later, one of the two big parties – PP and PSOE – will be declared the winner. According to all reliable polls, neither of them will come out with an absolute majority, so the small parties will play a key role in deciding who forms the new government.

Thanks to a fellow expat, I have found which offers bloggers the possibility to publish the election results minute by minute. Personally, I look forward to monitoring outcome on all three levels: the Spanish state, Catalonia as a total but also the individual Catalan provinces. The focus of international attention will be on Madrid, but the seat allocation in Girona might offer more suspense.

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