Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Vic - The Sausage Capital of Catalonia

You know that you are not in Sweden when you leave a bridge from the 11th century, pass by a hostel dating from the same time and then, all of a sudden, stand in front of a Roman temple from the 2nd century. I am aware that Catalonia is so full of historic monuments that it is impossible to do them all justice, but find it unforgivable that (at least our 2003 edition of) Lonely Planet does not even mention Vic.

This town is located on a plain in the Catalan heartlands (in 2004, 60% voted either CiU or ERC) and has a university of growing importance. The town centre is concentrated and most of it is a pedestrian area dotted with architectural treasures. It is smaller than the old towns of Barcelona or Tarragona, but a lot more well maintained and clean. We especially liked the church bell tower in a style typical for inland Catalonia but of an impressive size.

On Saturdays, there is a market on the Plaça Major where, among other things, you can buy the the town’s famous cured sausage, fuet de Vic. The road to Vic from Barcelona is scenic and in excellent conditions. We warmly recommend this town to those who seek an alternative to another daytrip to the coast.

# Check out Vic’s
tourist web-page in English for further information.
Vilanovins interested in quality cured meat can find a branch of the co-operative Plana de Vic down in the Eixample de Mar area.

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