Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Reasons to Celebrate

Vilanova i la Geltrú has at least two reasons to celebrate the results of yesterday’s elections:

We have nice beaches, but this is an old industrial town. Therefore, PSC is always strong here. This time they beat their old records – more than half of those eligible to vote decided for their list (50,1% vs. 43,5% in 2004). I cannot claim to have felt it in the atmosphere on the Rambla today, but this town must be quite content with Zapatero’s victory. That, if anything, serves as a proof that Vilanova's voters did not punish the government for last year’s chaos in public transportation.

At least 20,0% (vs. 19,0% in 2004) of the town - i.e. the CiU voters - will have celebrated the fact that vilanovín Carles Campuzano, will keep his seat in the Spanish parliament.

Personally, I am a bit sad to see that many of my neighbours stayed home yesterday, in spite of my calling on them to vote. Voter turnout dropped to 71,0%, from 77,7% in 2004. That says a thing or two about the authority of this blog.

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