Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Costa Daurada Campaign Against Counterfeit Goods

In cooperation with the Generalitat, the municipalities el Vendrell, Calafell and Cunit (all in Baix Penedès) will run an information campaign to discourage people from buying counterfeit goods sold illegally in the streets (top-manta). This phenomenon exists on many beaches here, but seems to be especially problematic on Costa Daurada. Last year, the decision makers of Calafell and el Vendrell decided not to fight it, since they considered that the situation was beyond control, but that initiative provoked strong protests from other towns.

Personally, I consider that society must not accept top-manta sales, since it is an unfair competition to legal business. And, unfortunately, I believe that it can only be limited through frequent and regular police interventions.

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Read more in Catalan: El Punt

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