Monday, 14 March 2011

We do not Make Love in the Candy War of Vilanova

comparsers esportius a plassa de la vila-250

Catalonia's most authentic carnival - the one of Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona) - is over but before leaving it behind us completely, we want to document how our company, Puck Import, participated in the celebration.

In line with the motto that during carnival anything goes - per carnaval per tot s'hi val - we created a sample envelope for the Swedish condoms which we distribute here. The text "Fes l'amor a la guerra" (Make love in the war) contains more or less the same words, but certainly not the same meaning, as the famous slogan "Fes l'amor, no la guerra" (Make love, not war) that we used last year. In order not to be accused of encouraging disorderly conduct, we issued a press release where we distanced ourselves from this message; news which in the true spirit of the carnival it were published by Vilanova Digital.

Through our sample envelopes some 500 couples in Vilanova have nowtried these RFSU quality products "on their own skin". We are writing about this in past tense since we assume that everyone who received one of our condoms last week during l'Arrivo or Vidalot must have used them by now, must they not?

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