Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A Garraf TV Show on Blogging and Social Networks

As a part of the promotion of the Penedesfera Days recently celebrated here in Vilanova, June 2 I took part in a TV show (Canal Blau/Maricel). The program, “Sota el cel de Garraf” is lead by Imma Pulido, who always tries to have an open discussion on the topic of the day and avoids telling the participants who is to answer what.

To break into a discussion is culturally difficult for most Swedes, not the least when we speak a foreign language. And here I was, supposed to talk about blogging as a phenomenon with Nacho Corredor, Daniel Garcia Peris and Conrad Rovira – all with a great expert knowledge and, on top of that, native speakers of Catalan.

In all honestly, if I have not spoken about this show earlier, it is only because I left it with a very bad feeling. But tonight, when I found it on Daniel's blog, I decided to watch it anyhow – to observe and analyse.

Now that is done and, to my great surprise, I am content with what I have seen. I, obviously, made loads of pronunciation and grammar mistakes, but believe that I still managed to get my message across without seeming too stupid. The one detail which embarrasses me the most is, in fact, my beer belly, so any advice on how to get rid of it is highly welcome!