Friday, 11 June 2010

Full Salute With Sense!

During the days June 4-6, the trade fair DeTotCat was organized in Girona for companies which label their goods and produce in Catalan (under current law it is sufficient to do so in Spanish). My company, Puck Imports, S.L., which sells RFSU's condoms with enduser instructions in this language, was present and received a lot of media attention.

Already before the exhibition, was I invited to participate in Actualitat-Viva, a show broadcast by local TV stations in Girona and Lleida, but also in parts of the Barcelona metropolitan area. The program as a whole was half an hour long and I had the opportunity to show our products, although they do not appear in the short version. (Unfortunately, I cannot link directly, but you can see me in the May 28 program "Tertúlia sobre el català“, minute: 0:55).

During the fair, I was interviewed by TV3, the television channel with the highest audience figures in Catalonia. The news item was presented on Friday June 4 in all of the channel’s newscasts and every hour of their news channel 3-24. (I show up after the advertising, minute: 0:38). In the related web page (3cat24) RFSU and Puck Import appear in both picture and comment.

The same was the case in the online news services (Catalonia) and (Girona only).

The daily Diari de Girona found a different angle since they noticed that the fair's two most visible foreign elements, IKEA and "RFSU by Puck Import", had a Nordic background. Apparently they published a nice picture of our products in the paper version, but I missed to buy it.

Nació wrote about us and published several pictures of our stand. El Punt mentioned that RFSU was one of the products presented in so-called micro presentations (lasting only 5 minutes).

Finally, RadioCatalunya, Avui and El Punt mentioned our especially designed fair campaign "Trempa amb seny!", which can be translated "Have erections with sense!". It was a slogan which struck just right, first and foremost because the Catalans consider that seny (sense or reason) is their perhaps most characteristic feature, but also since the illustration was a typical human tower (castells, here a torre de 7 by the Bordegassos de Vilanova), which during the summer are being erected (trempar in now obsolete Catalan ) in the squares all around Catalonia.

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