Friday, 26 September 2008

ENG: Am I a Hypocrite?

You might be wondering why a person like I who am interested in Catalan Popular culture, have not come back with more reactions and impressions from the Festa de Santa Tecla in Tarragona or the Festa de la Mercè in Barcelona.

The reason is a sad as simple. Our broadband connection provided by currently does not work. I have allowed myself to publish this entry from work, but from there I will not be able to upload video clips and photos or do the research and spell checks which I – at least occasionally - demand of myself.

So, do not despair, those of you who want me to continue to share what I learn about the Catalan language and culture. I certainly have not lost my motivation for this project but, unfortunately, its most essential tool.


Iain F said...

Erik - I just wanted to send a note to say how much I enjoy your blog. We live in North East England close to Newcastle, and we also own a mobile home at Camping Vilanova Park and we spend about 10 weeks a year there during school holidays. It's great to be able to keep up with what's happening while we're away and I'm enjoying learning about Catalan culture from you. I'm trying to learn some Catalan but it's not easy to practice. I particularly enjoyed your translation of vocabulary related to the Festa Major - I read the programme during the summer and my comprehension didn't go much beyond Castell de Foc .. but I'll be much better placed next year!

Thanks again
Iain Forrest

Erik Wirdheim said...

Dear Iain,

Thanks for this encouragement - it is worth enormously much for me right now when I am busy at work and - well, at least sometimes - question why I spend so much time with my blog.

It is great to learn that people like you find your way here.